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Vol 3 Issue 3 , Feb 2018
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1 Reviewing the Phrase- “Frailty Thy Name is Woman!” Khushbu M. Swami English
2 “A Study of Self-Concept among Urban and Rural College Going Students” Dr.Ramesh D. Waghmare Education
3 Biological Spectrum of Motipura Village Corridor (Vijapur Taluko Mehsana (North Gujarat) Jigneshkumar V. Patel Education
4 Health Problem Dr.Sajjanben K. Chaudhari Home Science
5 Impact of GST on accounting practices in India Vipul R. Patel Commerce
6 સાપના ભારા એકાંકીઓમાં દલિત - પીડિત ભાવના પ્રા.આર.પી.મેઘવાળ Gujarati